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  • Eco-Healthy Endorsed 
  • Marin Quality Counts 
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Gardening Education
  • Indoor Classroom
  • Raising a reader 
  • 4 C's Food Program
  • Cooking Participation 
        and more...

Infants need opportunities to be active as well! We offer developmentally appropriate activities, plenty of tummy time and interact with our infants to foster cognitive and socio/emotional development. 

I support breast feeding mothers. Moms should feel comfortable and can visit anytime to feed onsite.

2-4 Years Old

Children will participate in at least two cooking activities weekly. Inviting the children to prepare their meals and snacks helps encourage them to try unfamiliar fruit and vegetables, helps build their confidence and serves as a learning opportunities where math, science and language concepts can be incorporated. Children enjoy our variety of activities, helping foster the development of gross motor skills, creativity and the enjoyment of being active. Staff host activities and play with children, acting as healthy role models.

Transitional Kindergarten Class

​Children are more than ready to be in kindergarten, having the ability to use their hands cutting, crafting and recognizing numbers, colors, letters and shapes developing their mind to their full potential. 

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